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 Welcome to NWFDIA 


A new year and a new beginning! 


2017 is expected to bring in a new practical driving test, and ideas have been raised again recently about learner drivers being allowed on motorways but only with an approved driving instructor. 


In the first instance, the new driving test could see some of the manoeuvres removed, like the turn-in-the-road (3PT) and reversing round a corner, in favour of pulling over to the right hand side of a busy road, reversing for a few metres, and then setting off and re-joining traffic back on the left hand of the road. Do we really want to encourage drivers to do this? You know the answer to this question, if it's done on the DVSA driving test it must be okay.


In the second instance, do we really want learner drivers on motorways? Will the general public be happy knowing that the car in front of them could be being driven by a learner driver? At what point does an ADI decide that Joe Pupil is safe to go on the motorway?  With more than 50% of all tests ending in failure, there would seem to be a problem of judgement as to when pupils are ready for their tests; could a few ADIs carry this over to putting their pupils on the motorway before they are really ready?  Heaven forbid!


Possible Solution: The Pass Plus Course was brought in many years ago to provide extra training for new drivers; it is a voluntary course and as with most voluntary things, if you don't have to do it then you don't, especially if you have to pay. The reality is that 90%+ of all new drivers do not take the course.  Perhaps, making the course mandatory for all new drivers would be the answer, with the emphasis on driving on fast dual carriageways and motorways where they are available.


This motorway issue will be on our agenda at the NWFDIA General Meeting on Thursday, 26 January 2017 at The Kingsway Hotel, Kingsway, Rochdale, OL16 5HS. The meeting commences at 8:00pm. All members and non-members are welcome to come along and give their views.


M: 07710 371118 


18 December 2016


DVSA opening hours: Christmas and New Year


DVSA will be closed at times during Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017.

Find out about our Christmas and New Year opening hours. This includes opening times for:

  • driving test centres
  • DVSA vehicle test stations
  • customer support
  • the MOT testing service desk for testers

You can also check the last date to change or cancel a:

  • theory test or driving test
  • vehicle test


16 December 2016


Update on driving test waiting times, December 2016


Peter Hearn, Acting Director of Operations at DVSA, has blogged about driving test waiting times.

In his latest blog post, Peter explains how many extra tests have been carried out since September, and what we're continuing to do to reduce driving test waiting times.

You can also find out what we expect the driving test waiting time to be by the end of March 2017.






Read 'Update on driving test waiting times, December 2016' to find out more.




12 December 2016


The roads would be a lot safer if all phones - handheld or otherwise - were switched off when driving? 


Do we need to answer the phone when driving.  The answer is 'NO'.


Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership has launched its road safety campaign with



Members:  Why not try this approach with pupils - you will already do the first part, but try adding the second part:


"Have you switched off your mobile?"


"I am also switching off my phone to so that you are not distracted by it while you are driving. It could distract you and cause you to have an accident."


The emphasis should be on the word 'distract'.

For more information please click below:


Switch off mobile when driving campaign





7 December 2016


Apologies for being unable to update information over the past few months due to technical problems not of our making.


Behind the scenes we have continued to help our associations and members with their various enquiries.


We have recently had a couple of cases with examiners cancelling tests due to faulty tyres. ADIs have taken the step of contacting their local tyre company and have received a clean bill of health for the tyres in question.  On going back to the test centre they have been politely referred to DVSA HQ.  DVSA will always back their examiner on health and safety grounds, would you like to go down the road with a learner driver at 50mph in a car that looks to have a dodgy tyre? Keep your tyres spot on, correct pressures and looking in good condition.  It can cost you a lot of money if a pupil has a test cancelled through the condition of your tyre being questionable.  More info on this in the next couple of weeks.


1 December 2016


St Helens and District ADI Association held a special meeting.


24 November 2016


NWFDIA held their bi-monthly meeting in Rochdale, Lancashire.


29 September 2016


NWFDIA held their Annual General Meeting in Rochdale, Lancashire.


 For the latest GOV.UK Consultations on motoring services strategy, please click or paste the linl below:


Government Motoring Consultations on Motoring Services Strategy

Click or paste the link below to see how this could affect ADIs and Driver Training and Tests:

Motoring Services Strategy Consultation Responses

Why Choose NWFDIA?  No fees, plenty of help and cooperation.

There are many ADI associations to help driving instructors make the best of their career, ours is a large regional organization which covers the whole of the North West of England. 


We incorporate many local ADI associations, and also, individual members. We do, however, recommend that ADIs benefit more when belonging to the local association which covers their regular test centre as this keeps them in touch with local developments.


DVSA is responsible for the ADI Register and for the conducting of practical driving tests; it provides lots of information through the usual social media channels which ADIs can sign up for and we recommend that you subscribe to them.


For more information regarding NWFDIA and to 'discover' your nearest local association, please go to the 'Local Associations' page on the left.


No association in your area: Please contact NWFDIA and we will be happy to help you set up a local association in your area.  Or join as an independent member.


For this or any other matter, please telephone 07710 371118 and leave your name, telephone number and a short message, we will contact you within 24 hours.


Wishing you every success in your business, we are here to help, but always remember,


S ccess cannot be spelt without 'U'.



1. Councils get new powers to tear down pointless road signs, see link below:-

18 April 2016

1. Pearson VUE will continue to manage the Theory Test for DVSA in 2017/18 and the forseeable future.  This decision was taken due to a large demand for tests being expected over the next few years.  With their added experience in this field, it was judged that Pearson VUE would be able to handle the situation more smoothly. Further news as it becomes available.


How examiners conduct the DVSA practical driving test  - DT1


Rochdale driving test centre moving to a new temporary site


From Tuesday 2 February 2016, driving tests will take place from a new temporary site on Moss Bridge Road.

The last day for testing at The Old Fire Station (current temporary site) will be Friday 29 January.

Venue details


Map of new site for Rochdale Test Centre

Globe House Business Centre
Moss Bridge Road
OL16 5EB

View map

If your pupil already has a test booked to take place at the current temporary site on or after 2 February, we’ll contact them to tell them to go to Globe House Business Centre.


 On site instructions

When arriving for tests at Globe House Business Centre:

  • park on the service road, not in the car park
  • report to the waiting area at the front of the building

Further information

Only those candidates attending for test can access the site. You and your pupils won’t be allowed to use the site for practice.

We'll be using this site whilst we continue to look for a long term solution. We'll let you know as soon as we have further updates.


Practical driving test trial: Registration for ADIs to close


DVSA will close registration for approved driving instructors (ADIs) to the practical driving test trial on 31 January 2016

From 1 February 2016, ADIs will no longer be able to register to take part in the practical driving test trial. The trial is now approaching the number of driving instructors required.

Please note that if you are an ADI that has registered for the trial, you can still recruit learner drivers.

DVSA began trialling changes to the practical driving test in April 2015 to look at ways of better assessing the learners' ability to drive safely on their own.

The trial is currently running at 32 driving test centres across the UK.

Read further details about the trialon GOV.UK.


 View or share your licence information / pupil's licence information
(This should be done prior to the pupil's first lesson - not at the first lesson.)


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Keep in touch with the latest DVSA developments through the contact below:



Contact Us at NWFDIA (07710 371118 Please leave a message if direct contact is not available.

NWFDIA Members                 Test cancellations at short notice - Claim Form

Recently received a complaint that ADIs and clients unable to claim expenses when tests cancelled by DVSA at short notice. This is incorrect and the DVSA claim form is below:-

If you are unable to print this off, contact an officer or committee member of your local association for them to print you a copy.

Don't be out of pocket, help your client to fill in the form. If your client has taken time off work, plus travelling expenses if applicable, claim these as well.


Contact Us at NWFDIA (07710 371118)  Please leave a message if direct contact is not available.